My dot-files for Arch Linux.
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continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing Details
[UPDATE][ROFI] Update deprecated config format
2 years ago
X [ADD][X] Use 'Print' key as 'Super_R' 2 years ago
bash [UPDATE][BASH] Do not use 'default' tmux session 2 years ago
desktop/.local/share/applications [UPDATE][DESKTOP] Use full path in package 3 years ago
dunst/.config/dunst [ADD] Dunst mostly-default configuration file 3 years ago
flake8/.config [ADD] Flake8 configuration file 3 years ago
fontconfig/.config/fontconfig [ADD] Fontconfig package with emoji support 2 years ago
gdb [ADD] GDB configuration files 2 years ago
git/.config/git [UPDATE][GIT] Remove unused aliases 2 years ago
haskell [ADD] Haskell configuration to Makefile 2 years ago
i3/.config/i3 [ADD][I3] Binding to launch terminal without tmux 2 years ago
i3blocks/.config/i3blocks [UPDATE][I3] Change i3blocks config for new laptop 3 years ago
isort/.config [ADD] Python isort configuration 3 years ago
mimetype/.config [ADD] Mimetype package 2 years ago
mypy/.config/mypy [ADD][MYPY] Default type-analysis configuration 2 years ago
nvim/.config/nvim [ADD] Neovim package 2 years ago
redshift/.config [UPDATE][REDSHIFT] Lower night temperature 3 years ago
rofi/.config/rofi [UPDATE][ROFI] Update deprecated config format 2 years ago
scripts [ADD][SCRIPTS] VPN toggle w/ password prompt 2 years ago
shell [UPDATE][SHELL] Remove DOTREMINDER env variable 2 years ago
ssh [ADD][SSH] Add default key for SourceHut 2 years ago
system-X/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d [UPDATE][SYSTEM-X] Change scroll button on MX Ergo 2 years ago
termite/.config/termite [UPDATE][TERMITE] Use Hund colorscheme 2 years ago
tmux/.config/tmux [ADD][TMUX] Enable 24-bit true-color 2 years ago
tridactyl/.config/tridactyl [ADD][TRIDACTYL] Hint at item pages on Hacker News 3 years ago
vifm/.config/vifm [ADD] Vifm package 2 years ago
vim [ADD][VIM] Use 'textwidth' of 80 in markdown 2 years ago
wallpapers/Pictures/wallpapers [ADD][WALLPAPER] Valley vertical background 3 years ago
zathura/.config/zathura [ADD] Zathura configuration files 3 years ago
zsh [UPDATE][ZSH] Do not use 'default' tmux session 2 years ago
.drone.yml [UPDATE][CI] Remove 'link & unlink' step 2 years ago
.gitignore [ADD][VIM] Info file name configuration 2 years ago
Makefile [UPDATE][REMIND] Remove remind configuration 2 years ago [FIX] Logout of bitwarden before logging in 2 years ago