[ADD][MYPY] Default type-analysis configuration

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Bruno BELANYI 2019-12-18 15:09:24 +01:00
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@ -1,3 +1,36 @@
# Set the default directory to put the increment cache info
cache_dir = ~/.cache/mypy
# Perform type checking on the bodies of untyped functions
check_untyped_defs = True
# Disallow usage of generic types that do not specify explicit type parrameters
disallow_any_generics = True
# Disallow calling functions without type annotations inside typed functions
disallow_untyped_calls = True
# Disallow defining functions with incomplete type annotations
disallow_incomplete_defs = True
# Disallow decorating a typed function with an untyped decorator
disallow_untyped_decorators = True
# Do not ignore non-fatal errors
ignore_errors = False
# Do not ignore errors about modules that cannot be imported
ignore_missing_imports = False
# Treat imported values inside a module as implicitly exported
implicit_reexport = True
# Do not treat `None` as compatible with every type
strict_optional = True
# Treat arguments with the default value of `None` as implicitly `Optional`
no_implicit_optional = True
# Disallow equality/identity/container checks between non-overlapping types
strict_equality = True
# Warn about unneeded `# type: ignore` comments
warn_unused_ignores = True
# Warn about casting an expression to its deduced type
warn_redundant_casts = True
# Warn about configuration options that were not used by Mypy (catch typos...)
warn_unused_configs = True
# Warn about code that is unreachable or redundant after type analysis
warn_unreachable = True
# Warn about execution paths missing a return statement
warn_no_return = True