A very simple bash script that can be used to send a message to a Matrix room. Probably broken in ways that I have not experienced
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This is a simple to send a message to a Matrix room. It automatically logs in and sends the message when invoked. This was written to be used a notification script in my CI/CD pipelines.

How to use

You need to define the following environment variables for the script to be executed correctly:

  • USER: the user to login as.
  • PASS: the password to login with.
  • ADDRESS: the address of the homeserver to connect to.
  • ROOM: the room id, as can be found in the room parameters.
  • MESSAGE: the message you wish to send to the room.


export ADDRESS='https://matrix.org'
export USER='username'
export PASS='password'
export ROOM='!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:matrix.org'
export MESSAGE='This is my test message'

How to run/install

This script is packaged with Nix, you can just use nix run . to run it.

The only dependencies are bash, curl, and jq, install those and you should be ready to go! Format is needed when using formatting (enabled by default).