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title: "IMC Internship"
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# Introduction
## IMC & Global Execution team
* Market making firm
* Multiple offices
* Over 20 exchanges
## Subject of the internship
> The project is about benchmarking a new service we're building related to
> exchange connectivity. It would involve writing a program to generate load on
> the new service, preparing a test environment and analyzing the performance
> results. Time permitting might also involve making performance improvements to
> the services.
## Motivation
* Early feedback during development
* Track regressions
* Various scenarios
## Additional work
* Compatibility testing
* Test both client and gateway processes
* Test forward and backward compatibility
* Similar to benchmark in its architecture
# Work accomplished
## Parameters of a run
* Lab setup to mirror production
* Multiple scenarios
* Multiple exchanges and gateways
## Workflow
* Scenarios are exchange-agnostic
* Running a benchmark locally and remotely in a transparent manner
* Single command to run
## Architecture
![Component diagram](figs/component-diagram.png){ height=80% }
## Results
![Sample plots, with timings
censored](figs/remote-plots-presentation-censored.png){ width=90% }
## Compatibility testing
* Existing tests only test single version of client and server in lock step
* Forward and backward compatibility
* Multi-process testing
# Benefits of the internship
## To the company
* Framework to use for benchmarking gateways
* Nicely integrated in IMC's build system
* Easy to use for new exchanges
* Easy to extend with new scenarios
* Ground work on compatibility testing
* Peace of mind
* Ensure upgrades/downgrades happen smoothly
* Reduce downtimes due to failures
## To me
* Part of a good team & company
* Learn about finance sector
* Deal with new problems I had not encountered before
# Conclusion
## Challenges of the internship
* Integration among pre-existing code
* Working conditions due to COVID
* Debugging asynchronous, multi-process systems
## Further work
* Integrate with in-house change-point detection
* Integrate with packet sniffing setup
* More exchanges & scenarios