My NixOs configuration files. Only used for my self-hosted infra at the moment.
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home: vim: unset 'splitkeep'
Turns out I do _not_ like this behaviour when it messes with the cursor

If they had an option that kept my cursor correctly positioned, and only
then tried to move the buffer to keep it steady, I'd try it.

This reverts commit 4feee73b8e.
2 days ago
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My NixOS-based system configuration files.

Currently only used as an experiment to self-host a new server.


First build using flakes:

sudo nixos-rebuild switch --flake .

Secondly, take care of a few manual steps:

  • Configure Gitea and Drone
  • Configure Lohr webhook and SSH key
  • Configure Jellyfin
  • Configure Prowlarr,Jackett and NZBHydra2
  • Configure Sonarr, Radarr, Bazarr
  • Configure Transmission's webui port
  • Configure Quassel user
  • Configure Flood account